She Got An Envelope From Her Late Grandma. What She Found Inside Warmed Her Heart.

Losing a grandparent is always hard, but it’s especially tough if you’ve grown up very close to them.

That said, Kayla Buckmaster was just four years old when her beloved grandma Jan passed away, but the bond they shared was so special that she still treasures it to this day. Now, 14 years later, Kayla is celebrating a major accomplishment — graduating from high school. Being the sweet, kind lady that she was, Jan knew her granddaughter would graduate one day, so she left behind an envelope for Kayla’s dad to present her with on the big day. When Kayla opened it, it brought tears to her eyes.

Inside was this heartfelt card and letter along with a generous gift of $100.

Inside was this heartfelt card and letter along with a generous gift of $100.

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Kayla had no idea about her grandma’s surprise, but was overcome with joy when she received it. She explains how she felt about the gift in her own words below.

My grandma died when I was 4, but before she passed she wrote me a graduation letter and left a gift. I just got to open it after 14 years. She made all my birthday cakes, took me everywhere she went, and was the best grandma ever. She had the kindest heart and was always willing to help anybody in need. This letter was a total surprise. I got a text from my dad that said he had a present for me when I was at my grad night and the next morning, he came in my room and handed it to me and I had no clue what it was. I started crying, and it was super exciting and emotional.

I can’t even imagine how much it meant to Kayla to be able to hear from her sweet grandma one last time. Be sure to share this story if it tugged at your heartstrings.

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