Thinking Of Getting Lip Fillers? This Nastiness Will Change Your Mind Real Quick.

In the field of plastic surgery, lip fillers seem pretty tame in comparison to the increasingly bizarre procedures people go through for the sake of beauty.

For many, getting poked in the lips with a needle is definitely worth it to get that sought-after plump pout. However, some don’t realize there are risks associated with these procedures — case in point, this unfortunate lady. After receiving poorly placed injections, the woman developed an inclusion cyst, which trapped filler in a nasty lump on her upper lip.

Dr. Esho, a cosmetic doctor on the show “Body Fixers,” had the pleasure of draining the built-up fluid and recorded it in this video. While it may not be as gross to watch as pimples being popped, it’s still pretty cringeworthy if you ask me.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, check out some more nastiness below.

Well, that settles it. I’m never getting anything injected into my mouth that isn’t absolutely necessary. Share if you’ve come to the realization that thinner lips don’t seem so bad in comparison.

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