These Kids Thought Their Cat Was Dead, But Watch Them Tearfully Reunite!

What started as a fun Christmas vacation for one family ended in heartbreak last month when they returned home and learned their beloved cat, Gunther, had gone missing while they were away.

To make matters even worse, their local animal control later told them Gunther had died. Devastated by the loss, the two children and their parents found comfort in adopting a new kitten. Little did they know that their supposedly deceased black and white kitty would return a day later!

As it turns out, animal control had identified the wrong cat! Gunther was still very much alive, as the kids discovered when they came home from school one day. Watch their tearful reunion below.

(via Daily Mail)

What a heartwarming end to such a seemingly tragic story. Here’s hoping Gunther will get along with the kitten.

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