This Poor Dog Was Found Literally Being Eaten Alive…But Look At Him Now!

We’ve seen a lot of extreme dog rescues, but nothing quite like this case. When Teddy Bear the dog was found in India, he was literally being eaten alive by maggots.

After sustaining a facial wound that went untreated, maggots took up residence on Teddy Bear’s face. By the time Animal Aid Unlimited got to him, both of his eyes had swollen shut. The poor animal was in excruciating pain and scratching incessantly. Saving his life wouldn’t be easy, but they had to try.

Watch as Teddy Bear goes from a dog being eaten by maggots to a brand-new pup. A word of warning: the content is graphic and may be hard to watch.

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I can’t believe Teddy Bear survived — and look at how handsome he is! Without Animal Aid Unlimited, things would have been very different. If you’d like to help this organization save more lives, click here.

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