These Designers Were Giving A Talk. Then A Man In The Audience Started Yelling.

For ages, fur in the fashion industry has been hotly debated.

Fur has, for the past few hundred years, been seen as a status symbol. The more fur items of clothing one owns, the weathier they tend to be. A long time ago, fur was also functional as one of the only ways to deal with cold weather.

Now we have a lot more options (like faux fur) and we’ve evolved as a society away from the idea that fur is the ultimate indicator of status. Still, some designers choose to use fur and activists push against these choices. Michael Kors is one such famous designer, and he sells everything from fur vests to keychains made from animal coats.

Recently, Kors was giving a talk when anti-fur activists interrupted the program, chanting “Animal fur is not fashion!” They flooded the stage, continuing to chant.

What do you think about these activists’ actions? Should fashion designers be held accountable for their use of fur? Let us know in the comments and share this to start your own discussion.

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