This Heartbreaking Decision Is A Huge Blow To Animal Rights Activists In South Korea

You may have recently heard that one of South Korea’s largest dog meat markets is about to close, but unfortunately, it isn’t actually true.

The country, which is due to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, has started to shut down its dog meat markets after beinginternationally criticized for their cruel and inhumane practices.It was believed that the Moran Market in Seongnam City, which sells the meat from over 80,000 dogs every year for human consumption, was awaiting closure, but according to the Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), it will definitely still be selling dog meat.

The city government in Seongnam had promised dog meat vendors that they would get financial support to refurbish their premises and open new businesses, but none of the businesses have actually changed there.

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On February 27, the chairman of the Guild of Merchants, Kim Yong Buk, announced at a press conference that Moran Market would continue to sell dog meat.

The only thing that will be changing is that the display and slaughtering of live dogs, as seen and heard in the video below, will be hidden from view.Warning: this is very difficult to watch.

“Seongnam City did not keep its promise to support a change of business for merchants. Talking to the merchants, they tell us that they actually want to change their businesses,” CARE said.Seven of the 22 vendors who signed the agreement have changed their minds because of the profit loss a slaughter ban would cause.

“The dismantling of the display and slaughtering facilities will meanthat only those things that make us uncomfortable will disappear. Theslaughtering will continue hidden from view, and from the animal’s pointof view, nothing has changed,” CARE added.

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It’s tragic that many still believe these dogs might finally escape their torture when that couldn’t be further from the truth right now. Please share to raise awareness about these horribly cruel practices.

For more about what you can do to help end dog and cat consumption in South Korea, click here.

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