A Lot Of Coaches Give Motivational Speeches, But Did This Guy Get Carried Away?

On any sports team, the role of the coach is to provide guidance to their athletes and encourage them to do their best.

In some cases, in order to get their players’ heads in the game, a coach may find it necessary to give a motivational speech. These speeches are meant to boost morale and make the athletes want to try harder, but this coach took his a bit too far.

While addressing his youth baseball team, this coach told his players to ”disgrace the pitcher’s family” and “make the other players cry and stomp their butts into the ground.” The rowdy man then said to the kids that any dad who ever told them that it’s not about winning or losing is a loser.

Some have compared this coach to Vince Lombardi, who told his team, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”


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