They Lost Their Dog In A Fire. What Dad Walked In With 8 Months Later Made Them Weep

Sharing our homes with furry family members and loving them is one of the most rewarding things we can experience. It’s also the most heartbreaking because we know we’ll eventually lose them.

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, whether they die of old age, their health suddenly deteriorates or their lives are taken in a tragic accident. Waking up every day only to remember that your little buddy is gone always feels like a punch to the gut, but for the Sylvia family, theirs was an especially traumatic loss.

Ashley Sylvia and her family lost their house and everything they owned to a fire. But while worldly possessions can be replaced, their beloved dog, Flash, could not. He didn’t survive. The Sylvias were devastated and spent eight months grieving before Ashley and her husband decided to surprise their kids with something that made them burst into tears.

When their dad walked into the house shortly after they came home from school, the three children were overcome with emotion by what they saw resting in his arms. Watch as they welcome a new member into their family below and make sure you have a few tissues on hand.

(via Love What Matters)

Those poor kiddos have been through so much. Though Teddy will never be able to replace Flash, his presence is sure to help this family heal.

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