If You Think Your Dogs Are Well-Trained, Wait Until You See This Incredible Pack

One of the hardest things about getting a dog is making sure they’re trained.

Without knowing basic commands, your dog could run off and not come back when you call. Plus, knowing sit and stay can be really useful for keeping the pup’s bum off your guests and away from any human food. Obedience takes a lot of work but it’s so worth it.

Just ask Augusto Deoliveira, a dog trainer who knows how to get our furry friends to really listen. If you think getting one dog to obey your commands is difficult, you’ll be amazed by what he can do.

While you shouldn’t try off-leash work unless you’re a trained professional, you can’t deny that Deoliveira’s walk with five German shepherds is impressive. Check it out!


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This just proves that if you have the right technique, you and your dog (or dogs!) can be even more in-sync. Share this with the dog lovers you know, especially if their pup has been known to get a little crazy!

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