‘Want To Ride The Lightning?’ New York Cops Taunt Students With Tasers

It’s no secret that in the battle between bad cop vs. good cop, good cops come out on top. At the end of the day, the vast majority of them just want to protect and serve.

However, according to a 2010 report by the National Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, there were nearly 6,000 reports of police misconduct across the country that year. Just over 380 fatalities were linked to these incidents. In New York State alone, there were approximately 60 intentional shooting incidents resulting in 13 fatalities. Of these shootings, 78 percent of the time, police were the only ones openly wielding weapons. While people often swear up and down that racial profiling doesn’t occur, the numbers don’t lie. In a census performed by the NYPD, nearly 90 percent go those shot by police officers were either black or Latino.

But guns aren’t the only weapons used. Tasers are popular among officers, since they can subdue people without deadly force, which is ideal. Despite NYPD guidelines stating that tasers should never be used on children, however, two NYPD officers were caught on video taunting a group of black students with a taser gun in a totally ridiculous display of force.

At one point, you can hear one of the officers asking the kids ion they wanted to “ride the lightning.”


(via Daily Mail)

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It’s unclear if the cops were responding to a call or just taking this weird situation upon themselves. In any case, there were other ways to get these kids where they needed to go.

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