He Was Upset About Being Pulled Over. Then The Cop Said Something Life-Changing.

When a police officer pulls you over, chances are you’re not feeling so great about the ordeal.

And Army veteran Jarred Wright was left recently scratching his head after he was pulled over while driving around with his wife, Nikki, in their Texas neighborhood. Wright served in Operation Enduring Freedom in 2013 and since returning home, he has battled depression and anxiety and is actively seeking treatment for PTSD.

As the cop approached the vehicle, he informed the military vet and his wife that they were driving with a child that was not in a mandatory car seat. Dumbfounded by the cop’s general lack of knowledge, he informed the officer that they didn’t have a child in the car. Unsatisfied with Wright’s answer, the officer pushed the issue further. Then he revealed something amazing.

With a pregnancy test in hand, Nikki reveals to her husband that they are expecting a child and that the police officer was in on the entire thing!


Following the unorthodox pregnancy reveal, another cop greeted the expectant couple at their car door with a goodie bag full of surprises for their newborn boy or girl. As if things couldn’t get any better, they recently learned that the baby is due on the dad-to-be’s birthday!

How cute is this? If you love a good pregnancy reveal, be sure to share this with all the parents in your life.

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