Cutest Grad Gift Ever? YUP. Girl Freaks Out When Boyfriend Hands Her A Puppy

Getting a college degree is a huge accomplishment, which is why friends and family take it upon themselves to shower all the graduates in their lives with love, praise, and generous gifts.

After walking in her own graduation ceremony at the University of North Carolina, Paige Johnson probably knew that her boyfriend, Owen Helman, had something special to present her with on the big day. But as evidenced by her emotional reaction to his surprise, she definitely wasn’t expecting to see this adorable little guy resting in his arms.

Watch as Paige loses it when she sees a golden retriever puppy all dressed up and waiting for her outside the event. This is too cute!

We wish Paige the best of luck with her new best friend and in her future career plans. Share if you wouldn’t be able to contain yourself either if you were surprised with this little sweetheart!

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