We All Hate Airport Security…But Maybe This Isn’t The Best Way To Deal With It

“Grand Theft Auto” is just a game, they said. People know the difference between real life and video games, they said. As this drunk driver in Russia proves, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

After a night of drinking, this driver took GTA to a whole new level when he rammed into Kazan International Airport in Tatarstan. But he didn’t stop there! Oh, no. Once he’d entered the airport, he cruised around terminal 1A pursued by a group of security guards on foot. If someone had been hurt, this footage wouldn’t be so hysterical, but as it stands, the only injury was to the airport itself.

This guy has a LOT of explaining to do!

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Kudos to whoever picked the theme music for this video — it really fits! Be sure to share this driver’s crazy antics with your friends and family.

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