Funny Pup Loses Her Mind When She Sees Mom For The First Time In Eight Months

Being able to travel the world is on most people’s bucket lists.

When Kerry Maloney was graced with the opportunity to travel abroad with her best friend as part of the traveling duo Traveler Broads, she knew she couldn’t resist. But unfortunately for Maloney, spending eight months abroad forced her to leave her put bull pup, Dorothy, with her parents in New Orleans until she got back.

Months after embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, Maloney returned home to the States and was ready to reunite with her precious pooch. After such a long period away from her beloved doggy pal, Maloney expected Dorothy to have forgotten about her. Luckily, Dorothy not only remembered her long-lost human, but she welcomed her with open paws.

As soon as Dorothy lays eyes on her mama, she simply can’t contain her excitement.

(via Daily Mail)

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Something tells me that Dorothy won’t be letting Maloney go away again anytime soon! Share this adorable reunion with pet lovers who can’t go a day without seeing their favorite animals.

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