Rogue Tire Takes A Comically Long Time To Reach The Conclusion You Knew Was Coming

Car accidents are awful, and in the aftermath, things can get a little crazy.

Between taking care of injuries and dealing with any damage, some truly insane things can happen. But usually all the tires stay in place, or if it’s a really bad crash, at least fairly close to the scene. However, an accident in Turkey sent one tire flying into the air…and it just kept going. It takes such a long time to reach its final destination, you probably won’t be able to help chuckling a little bit.

These three men at a pharmacy are just minding their own business, but that’s all about to change. Watch this tire go completely rogue.

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Yikes! At least it seems like no one was seriously hurt by this murderous tire. Share with your friends to give them a laugh today!


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