When He Stole Her Purse, She Couldn’t Catch Him. Then She Did Something Awful.

The last thing Christine Braswell expected to do when she left her local Walmart shopping center was run over a purse thief.

But when the pregnant woman made her way to her vehicle, she was greeted by a stranger later identified as Robert Raines rummaging through her SUV. Once Braswell figured out what was going on, Raines ran from the scene with the woman’s purse in hand as she attempted to chase him.

Realizing that she was never going to catch up, Braswell started her car and did something terrible.


Following the incident, Raines was taken to a hospital and was later charged with breaking and entering, along with larceny. What’s more shocking given how the altercation started is that Braswell also faces charges of misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon. Serves her right, though. Violence is never the answer.

(Via Daily Mail)

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