His Reaction To Seeing A Spider Is Honestly The Most American Thing Of All Time

It’s a pretty normal reaction for people to scream when they see a spider and even swat it or stomp on it.

What isn’t so common (or smart), however, is this guy’s response. Apparently in Enon Valley, Pennsylvania, where open carry is legal, shotguns are required to take out offending arachnids — according to this dude, at least. Whether he was showing off or he’s just that afraid of spiders, he was pretty quick to point the firearm at the ground and pull the trigger as soon as he saw one.

If this isn’t the most American thing you’ve seen, I’m not sure what is.


In case you were wondering, the best thing to do when you see a spider in your yard is, I don’t know, just leave it alone? But that’s just me.

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