This Girl Did Something So Cute For Her Rescue Pup When They Brought Him Home

What could possibly be better than bringing home a new, tiny puppy? Listening to your children sing to them, as this mom found out.

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren Malone and her four-year-old daughter, Katie, adopted an adorable little guy named Oakley from American Lab Rescue in Connecticut. Katie must have known the experience might be confusing and a little scary for Oakley, so as soon as they got home, she gently cradled the sleepy pup. Then, in an incredibly sweet move, she starting singing a lullaby to her new furry friend.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. As Malone put it when she shared the precious footage below, “THIS is why you should adopt a rescue dog.”

Not only has Malone made countless people smile with her adorable video, but she’s also raised thousands of dollars for the rescue! You can donate too by clicking here or here.

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