They Didn’t Know How Their Dog Would Like The Slide, But It Couldn’t Get Enough!

When it comes to teaching an old dog new tricks, the anticipated outcome isn’t always as is to be expected.

Case in point, this lovable French bulldog Tucco who can’t get enough of the children’s slide at the local playground. Tucco’s owner had the pint-induced idea to take on the slide with the pooch in his lap. But after a few trial runs, Tucco was ready to conquer the massive slide on his own. In the clip below, the pup can be seen sashaying down the metal chute on his rump, and once reaching the bottom, he bolts to the top to have another go.

After watching this clip a few dozen times, I can’t help but imagine Tucco barreling down the slide screaming “WEEEEEEEEE” at the top of his doggy lungs.

(via Daily Mail)

Something tells me that Tucco and his owner are going to make slide rides a part of their daily walk.

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