She Thought She Was Taking A Cute Pic Of Her Daughter. Then She Saw This.

Asking your young daughter to smile for the camera may seem innocent enough, but one mom got more than she bargained for during an early afternoon photoshoot.

Mother of three Bianca Dickinson had no idea she was putting her daughter Molly’s life in close proximity to a deadly predator when the pair set out for an innocent photoshoot in the heart of the Australian outback. As Dickinson and Molly awaited the return of her two older siblings from school, this unknowing mother posed her daughter in front of a large fence. Unbeknownst to Dickinson, there was a six-foot-long eastern brown snake just inches away from Molly’s feet.

At first glance I didn’t recognize anything out of the ordinary with this photo, but upon further inspection, there’s no denying that’s a huge snake slithering by!

Lucky for Molly she let the entire ordeal unharmed, which is no small feat. Eastern brown snakes are known as the second most venomous terrestrial snakes in the world. They’re responsible for about 60 percent of all snake bite deaths in Australia.

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Let this picture be a reminder that snakes can be a silent, but deadly threat to our children. Share this photo with other parents in your life!

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