There’s A Zero Percent Chance This Guy Passed His Field Sobriety Test

Drunk driving is the epitome of stupidity.

It’s a real smorgasbord of destruction, injury, and legal trouble that we’ve all pretty much agreed is the wrong thing to do. Nonetheless, people continue to be complete idiots when it comes to consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel. Fortunately, we have law enforcement officials who keep an eye out for the warning signs and can sometimes stop crashes before they occur.

One man’s drunken joy ride took a fitting turn, however, after he was caught by police…and all I can say is that karma is one shady lady.

He stumbles out of the car and onto the ground, but what happens next is kind of hilarious (and totally deserved).


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Yikes. I’m so glad no one was hurt by his irresponsible actions (except maybe his car). Share this to thank your favorite designated driver for keeping you, your friends, and your car safe!

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