‘I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About’ Funny Sock Thief Dog Is Caught In The Act

As much as we love them, our pets could stand to learn a thing or two about personal space.

When it comes to our personal belongings, if they see it and want it, then they have it. If you’ve ever had a pup, you know the annoyance that comes with seeing one of your things in a slobber-covered heap on the floor.

As if it wasn’t already difficult enough to find matching socks that haven’t been eaten by mysterious sock monsters, one family has to deal with this guy. After being caught in the act hoarding a pair of socks fin his mouth, this guilty-looking pup tries his best to play stupid. Unfortunately, nobody’s buying it.

Even after putting on his best puppy dog face, this pooch wasn’t getting off the hook for his sock-related crimes.


Somebody give this dog a bone!


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