This Week’s Eclipse Was Super Cool, But There’s A Bizarre Story Associated With It

The recent solar eclipse was a rare, exciting event in which many got to witness the moon briefly blocking out the sun.

Most celebrated by donning their specially-made glasses and looking up into the sky, but one small town in Kentucky did things a bit differently (and way more bizarre). This year, residents of Kelly organized their seventh-annual “Little Green Men Days” festival during the eclipse and 62 years after a woman named Geraldine Sutton-Stith says aliens touched down on her farm and attacked her family, otherwise known as the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter.

Hear Sutton-Stith’s story and how the town decided to celebrate the solar eclipse decades later in the video below.

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The supposed shootout’s anniversary is August 21, so it is interesting that it just happened to fall on the same day as the eclipse. Either way, that festival sounds pretty fun, to say the least.

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