You’ve Seen Videos Of Tough, Angry Gorillas Before…And This Isn’t One Of Them

Thanks to their portrayal in both television and film, gorillas have earned the reputation of being aggressive and villainous.

And while it’s true that some primates possess the characteristics of King Kong, one friendly gorilla from the Dallas Zoo is proving that these cuties can be fun-loving, too.

In fact, Zola the gorilla just loves to dance like no one is watching. As the nugget’s zookeeper pal Ashley quietly watches from the sidelines, the unsuspecting ape dances the pain away in an enormous bathtub. Zola can be seen splashing about without a care in the world, and at one point the giant ape pirouettes and twirls better than any ballerina I’ve ever seen.

Someone get this gorilla a contract!

(Via Daily Mail)

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