Forget The Dress — This Crazy Optical Illusion Is Going To Blow Your Mind

Remember when all that anyone could talk about was this damn dress?

Remember when all that anyone could talk about was this damn dress?


The item of clothing sparked a huge debate about whether it was black and blue or white and gold, and it made us realize that different people see colors in different ways.

Something known as color constancy is to blame for the arguments about the dress that spread all across the internet. It’s a feature of human color perception that helps us identify familiar objects in varying degrees of light by perceiving them as having a consistent color whether they’re in the sun or the shade.

That said, you still might not believe that there isn’t actually any red in this blue-tinted photo. It’s truly only composed of shades of green and grey.

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“Your brain says, ‘the light source that I’m viewing these strawberries under has some blue component to it, so I’m going to subtract that automatically from every pixel.’ And when you take grey pixels and subtract out this blue bias, you end up with red,” said Bevil Conway, an expert on visual perception at the National Eye Institute.

(via IFLScience)

My mind has officially been blown — I swear I’m seeing red!Be sure to share this cool optical illusion with all your friends to find out what they see.


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