Most Kids Would Run In Terror From What These Boys Saw, But They Went Back For More!

Zoos are great places for families to have fun and observe wild animals, but as many know, parents don’t always teach their kids to respect said creatures.

No matter which zoo you go to, there are always bound to be small children tapping on the glass or being loud. They’re kids after all, and this behavior is to be expected. However, it’s up to their moms and dads to make them understand that it’s rude to disturb the zoo’s residents — which is something these particular adults neglected to do.

When a group of four little boys went to the Indianapolis Zoo with their parents, they got to see a young lion up close. But when they started taunting the big cat, running away, screaming, and then running back for more, their parents didn’t ask them to stop. In fact, they thought it was adorable.

(via Daily Mail)

It’s totally understandable that they’d squeal after that first lunge, but they didn’t get that the lion wasn’t trying to play with them. The next time you go to a zoo, please keep in mind that you are a visitor in the animals’ home.

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