This Dude’s Already Losing 2017 After Being Seen Taking A Wallet And Returning It

You know that feeling when you do something spontaneous and then realize you’ve made a terrible mistake right after?

Texting guys when I was in high school to declare my love for them is one of the first things that comes to mind for me, but an instant fear of rejection is probably nothing compared to the what this guy felt in line at an ATM machine.

When he found himself behind a man whose wallet was sticking out of his pants, he saw a perfect opportunity to make a few quick bucks. He swiped the wallet, then looked around to make sure there were no witnesses. That’s when his eye caught the camera that had just captured his crime.

“Please forgive me, ATM gods.”

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It’s hilarious how remorseful he acts when we all know that he would have walked away with the wallet if not for the camera. Be sure to share this funny story of instant regret with your friends!

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