What He Did With A Bottle Of Water Is A Reminder That All Animals Deserve Our Help

Southern India is facing a serious drought right now with people and animals alike being affected by the water shortage.

Most of us imagine ourselves as being ready to jump in and do whatever we can to bring water to those in need, but not many would be brave enough to come face-to-face with a dangerous animal to do so.That’s what makes their actions so amazing.

When a few villagers noticed a king cobra coming out of hiding to search for water, they decided to catch the intimidating snake despite the fact that its venom could kill them.

Watch the moment one of the men bravely holds a water bottle up to the thirsty snake’s mouth.

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It takes a seriously kind soul to risk their safety to help others, whether they’re human or animal.Share this touching video if you think the world needs more people like them.

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