Horrible Footage Shows Why Humans Shouldn’t Use Animals For Entertainment

Circuses used to be a really exciting form of entertainment.

They were often the only chance for people to see exotic animals, and the tricks really amazed the crowds. Once we started to become concerned with how the animals were treated, however, perspectives changed. We realized that these wild animals shouldn’t be kept in such horrible conditions and forced to perform for us.

In addition to harming the welfare of the animals, keeping these wild beasts confined can be dangerous for humans, too. There have been numerous documented incidents involving circus animals attacking humans, and horrifying footage is now showing yet another tiger attack during a live circus show in China.

The tiger had performed for ten days in a row before the incident, which resulted in the second trainer trying to fight it off with a stick.


Fortunately, all involved survived, including the tiger. The circus has removed some shows from its schedule to give the animals a break, but people are now calling for shows with live animals to be shut down. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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