Here’s The Hilarious Thing That Happens When You Cross Corgis With Other Breeds

Many dog lovers agree that corgis are among the funniest, cutest, and most lovable breeds out there.

These little pups aren’t only popular for their silly antics, but also for how their adorably goofy and fluffy looks make them stand out. Their appearances are so unique, in fact, that some have realized when you mix them with other breeds, you really can’t take the corgi out of the equation as far as appearance is concerned.

The next time you meet a corgi mix, you’ll probably notice something interesting about them…

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…namely that they look like a corgi disguised as the other breed.

...namely that they look like a corgi disguised as the other breed.

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And even though they’re not full corgi…

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…they might as well be, because that’s all you’ll see.

These undercover nuggets are so adorable. I’d like all of them, please!


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