These 5 Unexplained Supernatural And Paranormal Deaths Will Totally Freak You Out

Are you ready to be creeped out? I like to be scared, but even I was unsettled by the fiveunexplained supernatural and paranormal deaths on this list.

Most of the time, medical examiners and detectives are able to piece together some explanation of a person’s death. However, in these five cases, there were no clues to be found…

Are these misunderstood murders? Or are they evidence of aliens, ghosts, witches, and other supernatural forces? We’ll let you be the judge.

1. Zigmund Adamski

Zigmund Adamski

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Six months after policeman Alan Godfrey found the body of coal miner Zigmund Adamski, he claimed to have been abducted by a UFO. Ordinarily, his claims would have gone unnoticed, but the condition of Adamski’s corpse caused some to speculate.

Adamski left his house to run some errands on June 6, 1980. That was the last time anyone ever saw him alive. Five days later, his body was found atop a large pile of coal at his workplace, but he’d only been dead for a few hours. There were no signs of a struggle, but there were strange burns and ointment on Adamski’s neck.

Coroners eventually said he suffered a heart attack, but some thought that the peculiar position of his body indicated that he had been dropped to Earth from above.

2. Christopher Case

Christopher Case

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After going on a date with a woman who claimed to be a witch, 35-year-old Christopher Case told friends that he was cursed. He said the witch was tormenting him and he feared for his life.

A few weeks later, Case’s dead body was found in his bathtub. There was no water in the tub and he was fully clothed, kneeling in a prayer position. Although there were numerous crucifixes and other talismans in his apartment, there were no signs of foul play. Coroners claimed that he, too, died of a heart attack.

3. Carl Pruitt

Carl Pruitt

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In 1938, Carl Pruitt found his wife in bed with another man. He strangled her with a chain, then committed suicide. But that’s not the creepy part.

Over time, people began to notice strange marks on Pruitt’s headstone. They almost looked like chain links. Then, a rash of unexplained deaths plagued the town. A boy who threw stones at the grave was strangled by his bicycle chain. His mother was strangled by a clothesline, and another man by the reins of his horse.

After a policeman investigating the claims was practically decapitated by a fence in a car wreck, one man decided to smash the tombstone with a hammer. Afterward, he was found dead at the cemetery gates with a chain around his neck.

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4. The Jamison Family

The Jamison Family

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Before the Jamison family went missing, they were convinced that they were being haunted by ghosts. They claimed that their six-year-old daughter, Madyson, had been talking to the spirit of a girl who had died in the house decades earlier.

In 2009, they took a trip to view some land that was for sale and went missing. Their dead bodies weren’t discovered for four years. They were facedown, side by side in the woods, not far from their abandoned vehicle. Footage from the day they disappeared shows the family packing and unpacking their car as if in a trance. Since no cause of death was ever determined, many have suggested that the family was possessed.

5. Mutilated Man

Mutilated Man

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In 1994, a man was found dead and mutilated in Brazil. Many of his internal organs had been removed through holes in his chest.

It is believed that the man was alive when his organs were removed, and that he ultimately suffered a heart attack caused by extreme pain and shock. Medical examiners also concluded that the man’s organs had been sucked out of his body with some type of vacuum-like machine. Among the parts missing were his left eye, left ear, and lips. His body was also completely drained of blood.

Considering the tools, knowledge, and efficiency that a harvest like this would have taken, many believe the man was the victim of extraterrestrials performing human body experiments.

I’m officially freaked out. That’s enough internet for me today.


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