If You’re Not A Morning Person, You’ll Feel This Grumpy Pig’s Dog-Induced Pain

Chances are you fit into one of two categories when it comes to waking up each day.

Maybe you’re someone who thrives in the early hours and rarely, if ever, sleeps in. On the other hand, you could be like me, someone who constantly struggles with prying myself out of bed, no matter how many alarms I set. Being the latter, I can tell you it’s hard enough to find the willpower to get up by myself, let alone when a annoyingly cheerful morning person is there trying to convince me to do it — something this pig grudgingly deals with on a daily basis.

The adorably lazy pet from California would be content to fill each day with long, restful naps. Unfortunately, its husky friend simply won’t allow it. Watch as the pup does everything he can to get his pig friend off its feet.

I never thought I’d relate to a pig so much. Seriously, this could double as footage of my boyfriend trying to wake me up!


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