This Is The Insanely Stupid Eyebrow Trend That Needs To Be Killed With Fire

I’m no makeup guru, but if there’s anything I’ve noticed the past couple of years, it’s that eyebrows have become a thing.

What used to be a small part of a beauty routine has turned into a focus for many beauty gurus. Models like Cara Delevingne have made their bushy brows, which used to be a cause of ridicule, into their brand. I’ve got to say, I’m here for anything that makes people feel better about themselves and their unique features that make them beautiful.

There is some proof, however, that the eyebrow thing has gone a little too far.

A new trend on Instagram is “wavy brows.” Um, yikes.

Nobody wants this look permanently, so pulling it off actually requires a lot of skill and products.

First, you use washable glue to create the shape. Once the brows are looking confusingly wavy, brow color and concealer can be used define the waves and hide the parts you don’t want to show.

It’s not exactly wearable, or practical, but it’s interesting to say the least.

At least someone out there is going full kitsch with it. Rock on, Squidward!

Many beauty looks are created to show off products and aren’t necessarily going to make it into the mainstream. Here’s hoping this is one that stays on Instagram.

(via Mirror)

What do you think? Totally cool or insane? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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