Horrifying Abduction Footage Shows That Pure Terror Can Unfold In Broad Daylight

When I think of kidnapping, I think of someone being snatched from a dark alleyway or sketchy train station. This woman, however, was taken by a group of men in plain sight in the middle of the day.

The shocking incident took place on February 17 in Uruapan, Mexico, a city that, according to CNN, has been plagued with brutal crimes since 2006. In that year, an increase in drug cartel activity introduced more gang-related violence to the area.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this security camera footage, it’s to never stop your vehicle if it’s being approached by a group of strangers. Had the woman sped off, the ordeal may have been avoided.

The criminals quickly cornered the car, yanked her from the driver’s seat, and shoved her into the back of their Jetta. The abduction happened in just 40 seconds.


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Given their efficiency, this probably wasn’t their first kidnapping. Hopefully the woman is unharmed and will be found soon. Share this with your loved ones to remind them to always be cautious and alert behind the wheel.

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