These Lucky Cat Parents Have Not One, But Two World Record-Holding Kitties

The chances of holding a Guinness World Record title are pretty damn slim. But for this family, sharing a home with multiple record-holders is just a part of everyday life.

Will and Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan, have three beautiful cats named Sirius Altair, Cygnus Regulus, and Arcturus Aldebaran. While they’re all equally very cute, the latter two are very special because they’ve both entered the Guinness record books for their extraordinary features.

Around a year ago, Will and Lauren went to the internet for advice about Cygnus, their Maine Coon. They were worried about how long his tail was, which turned out to not be a concern.

Guinness World Records just so happened to come across photos of Cygnus and contacted the couple asking for an official measurement of his tail — and it broke the current record.

Representatives came to their home to film and capture photos of Cygnus. To their surprise and delight, they noticed Arcturus, the couple’s Savannah cat.

As it turns out, Arcturus is the tallest cat on record to ever live at 19.05 inches.

He’s so tall, in fact, that he has no issues grabbing food off the counter…

…and snatching it out of Dad’s hand.

...and snatching it out of Dad's hand.

Imgur / starcatsdetroit

Want to know the best part? These two broke records at just over a year old each, meaning that they aren’t even done growing yet!

(via Imgur)

Will and Lauren sure won the lottery when it comes to world record-holding cats. You can check out more of these kitties (and their adorable brother Sirius) on Instagram.

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