She Was Sleeping When A Hand Reached Out From Under Her Bed. Watch What Crawls Out.

After multiple failed attempts at trying to discipline their daughter for her bad behavior, these parents went to terrifying extremes.

It all started when footage from an in-home security camera revealed the moment a peacefully sleeping young girl discovered a terrifying clown lurking under her bed. Rumor once had it that Wrinkles the clown was able to successfully break into the family’s house without setting off the security alarms. But following the “break-in,” there were no signs of forced entry.

Completely terrified of Wrinkles, the little girl couldn’t muster up the courage to look her visitor in the face. Instead, she froze in terror and pretended to be asleep.

No amount of therapy is going to fix this.

So here’s the crazy part. After going viral, Wrinkles the clown revealed the truth behind the terrifying video. As it turns out, the parents hired this clown to scare their daughter out of misbehaving. Absolutely awful.

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