This Basketball Coach Did Something So Sweet To Honor A Hardworking Team Member

At the beginning of the basketball season, Alena was promised that before the season’s end she would get the opportunity to set foot on the court and help her fellow Badgers battle their way to victory.

After a long, hard season of serving as the team’s manager and showing up to every practice to make sure her teammates were in good hands, Alena’s wish finally came true. Just hours before the game, the girl’s basketball coach surprised Alena with the big news, and the rest of the team was there to cheer her on. And despite it being her first basketball game, Alena was ready.

This dedicated girl was a beast on the court, scoring multiple baskets and putting up a good fight.

A similar situation occurred at my high school and it was really something to see. It’s so important that we come through for the people who work hard to make us happy!

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