What These Guys In Holland Saw In The Woods Sent Them Running. Is That…Bigfoot?

The legend of Bigfoot has been the topic of many myths for as long as I can remember.

This half-ape, half-human creature has been roaming the woods for centuries now and has been “spotted” on almost every continent. The origins of the simian beast are rooted in American folkloreand have been discounted by scientists as nothing more than hoaxes or cases of misidentification.

But newly releasedfootage captured in the forests of the Netherlands shows a Sasquatch-like creature lurking among the trees. In the heart of Veluwezoom National park, two young boys hit the record button as they noticed a dark figure hovering in the distance. But as they tried to identify the creature, a gunshot sent them running for safety.

The footage seems pretty legit to me, but with technology these days, you can never be too sure.


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Do you think this mysterious creature is Bigfoot, or is there a more realistic explanation for what the boys uncovered? Let us know your best guesses in the comments, and share this video with your friends to get them involved in this epic guessing game.

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