They Went Into A Shop For ‘Blinker Fluid’ Before Catching Onto Dad’s Epic Joke

Dads will go to some prettybig extremes to trick their children, but when it comes to the master of practical jokes, this guy takes the cake.

It started off normal enough, as a dad drops his two young girls off outside an auto parts store with a coupon and a short shopping list. However, as the girls exited the store, they learned that their shopping list was nothing more than an elaborate April Fool’s prank. The girls then recount the horrors of asking for help to locate the” blinker fluid” and a “bucket of steam.”

They may not be laughing now, but they’ll look back on this day for years to come as the day their dad trolled them like no other.

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What’s the worst prank you’ve ever pulled on your kids? Let us know in the comments and while you’re at it, share this awesome dad prank with family and friends to help get the ball rolling on next year’s stunts.

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