If You Keep Your Bottle Caps, You Can Do These 20 Epic Things With Them

When you pop open a bottle of beer, what do you do with the bottle cap? Throw it off to the side and forget about it? Toss it in the garbage? These are just habits that we’ve all gotten used to, but soon you’ll see that they most definitely need to be broken.

You might be thinking, “What the heck am I supposed to do with a bunch of leftover bottle caps?” Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a handy list of nifty and neat DIY bottle cap crafts below that you can use at your disposal.

1. Craft some earrings.

Craft some earrings.

A Beautiful Mess

Find out how here.

2. Make some neat checkers.

Make some neat checkers.

Martha Stewart

See how it’s done here.

3. Make mini picture frames.

Make mini picture frames.

Craft and Creativity

4. Melt wax to create tiny candles.

Melt wax to create tiny candles.

Craftaholics Anonymous

See the how-to here.

5. Decorate a picture frame.

Decorate a picture frame.

Crafty Crafts

6. Make a tiny pincushion ring

Make a tiny pincushion ring

Pretty Prudent

This is great if you don’t have a helper to pass you the needles. Find out how this is done here.

7. Make a unique key chain.

Make a unique key chain.

Vitamin Ha

8. Craft a cool tabletop.

Craft a cool tabletop.

My So Called Crafty Life

Here’s how it’s done.

9. Create a wind chime.

Create a wind chime.

Etsy / BottlecapCrafts8

Make your own or buy this one here.

10. Make some cool magnets.

Make some cool magnets.

Better Homes and Gardens

11. Craft some drink coasters.

Craft some drink coasters.

Let’s Make Cool Stuff

See how to make one here.

12. Decorate a mirror’s frame.

Decorate a mirror's frame.

Upcycled Education

13. Make some quirky rings.

Make some quirky rings.

Quiet Lion Creations

Find out how here.

14. Craft a garden decoration.

Craft a garden decoration.

The Experimental Crafter

Check out how to make this here.

15. Build a cool clock.

Build a cool clock.

Spot Of Tea Designs

See how to make one for yourself.

16. Make your own fishing lures.

Make your own fishing lures.

Blog Lovin

17. Craft a beautiful necklace.

Craft a beautiful necklace.


Check out how this is done here.

18. Make some wall art.

Make some wall art.

Manmade DIY

19. Create a unique wreath.

Create a unique wreath.

Etsy / tadaworkshop

Make one on your own or buy this one here.

20. Craft matching friendship necklaces.

Craft matching friendship necklaces.

Crafts Unleashed

Learn how here.

See? There are a bunch of uses for bottle caps that are a whole lot better than filling up garbage bags. So save your bottle caps, and put them to some good, DIY use.

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