This Mom Lowered Her Daughter Onto Train Tracks…Then A Train Came

Being a parent means that your hard-earned money now must support not only yourself, but your kids as well.

In an attempt to save a dollar or two, plenty of people try and cheat the system. Usually the extent of these deceitful acts only goes as far as lying about the child’s age in order to avoid paying full price. However, this woman in Argentina put her daughter in harm’s way to avoid paying rising train ticket prices.

CCTV footage captured a mom lowering her daughter onto the train tracks to avoid paying for a ticket. The woman can even be seen starting to climb down onto the tracks herself when she notices a train speeding toward her little one.

This footage is horrific.

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Luckily, the girl was able to survive by burrowing into a small nook along the platform.

What was this mother thinking? Is saving a few bucks really worth putting your daughter’s life in extreme danger? People are so insane. I hope this child was taken away from her dangerous mom.

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