This Coffee-Pouring Brain Teaser Is Confusing Everyone, But Can You Solve It?

It may be the caffeinated fuel that gets most of us through every single work day, but this coffee conundrum has left numerous Twitter users scratching their heads.

Twitter user @_herbeautyxo posted a coffee brainteaser in which a jug of Joe is poured into a system of pipes leading to four separate coffee cups. Each pipe leads to a different numbered cup, but which coffee cup will fill up first?

You might want to grab a second mug of the stuff before jumping into this brainteaser.

Some people thought the answer was a no-brainer,but boy were they wrong.

While others thought this puzzle was nothing more than a trick question.

A few people tried to look at the problem with a bit of logic.

While others took a total (double) shot in the dark.

But before long, one responder gave the correct answer after noticing one important design flaw that others had overlooked.

Based on the highlighted diagram, it becomes abundantly clear that cup five is the only possible answer. The other three pipe systems are blocked off, unable to allow the flow of coffee to reach their coffee cups.

(via IFL Science)

If I’m being totally honest, I thought the answer was cup number four until I continued scrolling through the comments and was let in on the secret. How did you do? Did you guess correctly on the first try, or should you have brewed another pot before taking a crack at it?

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