One: Don’t Run From The Police. Two: DEFINITELY Don’t Pull This Garbage

A woman was recently driving on the I-94 highway near Alexandria, Minnesota, when she started recording a pretty bizarre scene.

A man had just crashed his vehicle into the median, then stopped traffic by running into the middle of the street and trying to flag down anyone who’d be willing to give him a ride.He even kept on running when a police car began following him.The woman was pretty sure he was either drunk or on some kind of drug, because he obviously wasn’t in his right mind when he decided to climb on top of a semi-truck to evade the officer.

I’m really not sure how he thought this would help him escape.

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The man, 25-year-old Brett Huber, had reportedly stolen the vehicle before he crashed it and is currently being held in jail.Share this if you’re glad he can’t put anyone else in danger on the road!

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