Here’s Definitive Proof That Watching Corgis Swim Is A Truly Magical Experience

Everyone knows that corgis are some seriously adorable dogs.

How can a cute pup be made even cuter? Throw them in some water! Not literally because it’s important to keep our favorite furry cuties safe, but I have to say that watching corgis swim is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s their loafy bodies combined with their tiny legs doing the dog paddle, but I absolutely cannot resist. Want to get in on that sweet corgi swim action? Check out these 15 puppers living it up in the water!

1. This nugget really gets some air on that slide!

2. It’s an adorable little loaf with paws!

3. He’s still getting the hang of it, but that doggie paddle is looking great.

4. My favorite kind of pool party is a corgi pool party.

5. Some prefer to stay on a floatie, but it’s still pretty adorable.

6. You can’t deny that this is pure joy.

7. This adventurous pup will even go swimming in the wild.

8. It’s a kiddie pool, but it still counts because I said so.

9. Slow motion makes this rambunctious doggo into a majestic beast.

10. Gotta stay safe! Loving that life preserver style.

11. Swimming is always fun when you have a friend to play with.

12. Their cute little butts are too much for me to handle.

13. I know you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into, but it’ll be okay.

14. Jump in and show off that doggie paddle!

15. You’ll be the most majestic creature in the ocean.

OMG, get me to a swimming corgi as soon as humanly possible. They’re such good dogs. Here, have one more!


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