19 Incredible Photos Of Dads In Delivery Rooms That’ll Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Though Father’s Day has come and gone this year, the love dads have for their babies never ends.

From seeing their little ones take their first breaths to watching them grow up and create families of their own, great dads are there for nearly every step of their children’s journeys through life — so what better way to celebrate them than go back to the moments they became parents?

Get those tissues ready, because it’s impossible not to tear up when you see these 19 touching photos of dads overcome with emotion in the delivery room.

1. “That tattoo on his chest was done after their first miscarriage, and now his daughter lies her sweet head against it. Both of them a reminder of triumph.”

2. The raw emotion captured here is beautiful.


3. That look of awe is something only your newborn can inspire.

4. “I adore this image of my sweet husband. In the midst of pushing I told him (strongly) ‘Do not move!’ His head was the perfect resting spot for my foot. Throughout my entire pregnancy and birth he told me: I know you can do this. You’re going to be absolutely amazing. He’s been my rock again and again.”

"I adore this image of my sweet husband. In the midst of pushing I told him (strongly) 'Do not move!' His head was the perfect resting spot for my foot. Throughout my entire pregnancy and birth he told me: I know you can do this. You're going to be absolutely amazing. He's been my rock again and again."

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5. The incredible moment a dad holds his second newborn twin for the first time.


6. “A normal part of life and an honor to catch your own baby. Nothing else like it!”

7. I can’t imagine how it must feel to witness the birth of your child, but I’m sure this dad’s face is a good indication.

8. “Just before a gestational surrogate gave birth to their son in Kingston, Ontario, a midwife screamed ‘shirts off’ so new dads Frank Nelson and BJ Barone would be ready to hold their baby against their bare chests for skin-to-skin bonding.”


9. “A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”

10. What a proud papa.

11. Pure joy.


12. Looks like Mom’s more worried than Dad!


13. His huge smile says it all.

14. You can just tell he was born to be a dad.

15. This is one of the sweetest moments between a father and daughter that I’ve ever seen.


16. When you find out you have another daughter.

17. Then two became three.


18. His expression from meeting his child is so touching.

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Are you following @birthwithoutfear yet? Just wow. All the feels. _ It was like riding waves of an ocean. Trusting my body and my baby, I recognized when a fearful thought would arise and chose to change it. Absolutely it was incredibly hard, but I was strong – stronger than maybe some skeptics had believed when they found out I was doing a home birth. And sincerely, people's doubts never offended me. I just felt sad that they didn't realize the full feminine strength that all women posses. I got to experience it in all its fullness yesterday, and my reward was birthing, not only a baby, but also a mom. _ Bonnie started letting me know she wanted to come meet the world at 5:00am on Monday, January 2, and my astounding husband and mother helped me labor until about 12:45pm when I got in our bathtub to push. My little sweet sister joined us then to squeeze my hand and help document the journey. Our midwife, Emily, from Lovers Lane Birth Center, was calming and made me feel strong and safe. The last push was something I'll never forget – a defining moment in my life. She came out into the water at 1:59pm and she was perfect. _ Ben and I got a moment alone with this new little angel and I fell even more in love with my sweet husband. I'm reliving yesterday in my head over and over again. It was amazing, and if you are at all interested in a home or natural birth, I'm thrilled to help provide any insight or resources. _ Our little Birdie is 7.5lbs and 20in long with hair already long enough for pigtails. She pooped on me three times in the first two hours of her life, so we know she's for sure Ben's daughter… _ I love this baby. @missmallorylynn #birthwithoutfear #dontforgetdads 📷:@clintonkemp

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19. “Welcome to the world, little one.”

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It’s really hard to pick my favorite out of this bunch because they’re all so beautiful in their own unique ways. Share with all the dads in your life to thank them for the being the amazing fathers they are!

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