This Is How An American Tragedy Changed One Of Your Kids’ Favorite Disney Movies

Whether you were a child in the early 2000s or a parent taking your kid to the movies, chances are you’re familiar with the mischievous behaviors of Experiment 626.

“Lilo and Stitch” was the feel-good Disney movie of 2002 and was a bonafide hit at the box office. But what you might not know about the film is that the ending might have looked a bit different had a major American tragedy not taken place.

The horrific events of September 11, 2001 forced Disney to reframe the entire ending of the movie. While the film already contained stories of loneliness and the loss of loved ones, the final scenes of the movie also included a plane crash in a city with large buildings that was the result of a hijacking scenario. Disney eventually opted out of the original cut due to the sensitivity of the nation at that time and reworked the animation.

But more than 15 years after its release, the original scene can be viewed in its entirety, and when compared to the theatrical release, the tonal difference is striking. It underscores the impact that horrific day had on every aspect of American life.

In the week of the tragedy’s 16th anniversary, it’s important that we remember all of the lives that were lost that day and in the weeks that followed. Squeeze your loved ones extra hard tonight.

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