When This Little Boy Wants Food, He And His Dog Tag Team The Fridge

There’s almost no story more classic than one about a boy and his dog.

Maverick is a mischievous two-year-old boy with a basset hound best friend named Leroy. They’re almost the same age, and they get into trouble together all the time. Maverick also has a tendency to drop snacks, so Leroy is pretty much always nearby.

Now, Leroy doesn’t follow directions very well, but he and Maverick recently united for a common purpose: food. Maverick couldn’t reach the handles on the fridge, so he pulled Leroy’s collar over, and what happened next surprised everyone.

If you ever need a prime example of teamwork, this is it. These two are geniuses!

I get the feeling Maverick and Leroy are going to be causing a ruckus together for years to come. Share this with the parentsand dog lovers in your life who will get a kick out of this adorable pair.

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