These Elders Reacting To The New iPhone Are Basically All Of Us

Elderly people are not known for their extensive knowledge about technology.

Heck, my mom is middle aged and still complains every chance she gets about how much she hates computers. But a lot of the misconceptions about elder and technology just come from them not having a lot of time to interact with and figure out the system, without judgment.

When it comes to the new iPhone X, there was a lot to figure out, even for the most seasoned tech users! That’s why, as part of the Elders React series, they let the elders run wild with a new iPhone, and the result is a joy to watch.

I love when they start using the facial recognition software to create emojis. Too funny!

Youtube / FBE

These folks are going to be iPhone experts in no time. Tell us your favorite stories about technology gone wrong in the comment section!

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