These 20 Confessions Prove That Smart Phones Can Help You Do Some Pretty Dumb Things

Phones have helped revolutionize technology and helped shape the way we get our information, but just because the phones are smart doesn’t mean the people using them are.

Whether it’s an auto-correct fail or something as frustrating as dropping your phone in the toilet, we all make mistakes with those powerful little devices in our pockets.

But these fails are just spectacular. People on the internet are coming together to share their phone fails using the hashtag #NotSmartPhoneStory. Here are 20 #NotSmartPhone stories that would make even Siri shake her head (if she had one).

1. There’s an app for that!

2. I’m curious what part of this rescue plan sounded like a good idea.

3. I’ve done this way more times than I’d like to admit.

4. Screen mirroring will be the death of “self-love.”

5. The internet is a very literal place.

6. That’s awkward.

7. Friends don’t let friends send poop pics.

8. Well that’s one way to quit your bad habits.

9. Eventually he saw the light.

10. Can you hear me now?

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11. Sounds like that night was pretty LIT!

12. Smart phones and toilets just don’t mix.

13. “Siri, what’s that smell?”

14. I don’t think water damage insurance includes bodily fluids.

15. In case you forgot, fire is hot!

16. Smart phones: ruining relationships since the early 2000s.

17. Wash, rinse, repair.

18. I smell a polyamorous relationship in their future.

19. You’ve heard of sleep walking, but now there’s sleep shopping.

20. Honestly who has time to text on a rollercoaster anyways?

Should we even be surprised at human stupidity at this point? I mean we spend half our days trying to perfect the perfect selfie using the dog filter for crying out loud!

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