Next Time You’re At The Mall Give This Guy’s Escalator Trick A Try (Kidding. DON’T.)

While most Olympic athletes are showcasing their talents when they’re in the game, this Swiss skier is using his strength for something a little odd.

Fabian Bösch might just have the strongest grip in human history after he was caught tagging along on an escalator ride by grabbing the escalator rail with just one arm and gliding along the moving stairs all the way to the top.

Most people would be fearful of the potential dangers associated with pulling off such a test of strength, but clearly, being in the presence of so many incredible athletes has done wonders for Bösch’s confidence.

Maybe we should all try this the next time we go to the mall.

While that performance might have left me utterly speechless, I’m not sure it’ll win Bösch any gold medals. But hey, you never know! It could become an Olympic sport one day.

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